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Vastu Shastra specialist in Delhi

A blessed life is compared to a comfortable life that offers you healthy health, an abundance of happiness, fewer problems and a symmetrical life. There is nothing wrong with living an abundant life, but following the simple laws of Vastu makes life healthier, richer and more meaningful. You have to understand the value of Scape at home or in the workplace. Vastu is related to energy. Sometimes, the energy in a confined place becomes stagnant which needs to be changed. The Vastu Shastra specialist in Delhi says that energy is like water when it flows freely and effortlessly. Space is very similar to our bodies. By accumulating stagnant energy around us our body and mind feel exhausted. It could be a devastating reason for illness and disease. It can create negative energy in your mind.

Vastu Shastra specialist in Delhi

Does stagnant energy affect Vastu Shastra?

According to the specialist astrologer Vastu shastra, your home is the place that holds all your events, emotions and activities. The apace of the home or workplace contains the energies. Negative conversations or accidental incidents may have taken place inside the office house and conserve energy. At the same time, happy moments, laughter and beautiful conversations are preserved as positive energy in the place.

Vastu shastra for the home

Bad vibes and good vibes affect the place. Some people carry bad vibes with them. They pollute the space with jealousy and negativity. To avoid installing their negativity, you need to keep them aside from life, home or workplace. Sensitive people feel bad vibrations faster than others. Therefore, make sure you don’t bring negative items like broken statues, obsolete watches or incomplete or imperfect things for you. This is very important if you follow the Vastu shastra for the home.

Vastu Shastra specialist in Delhi

Suppose your home is located in a very busy area, cacophony could create a negative mental health of your home- says a famous Vastu Shastra specialist in Delhi. The researchers say that the strong effects of noise on mental health and traffic noise are one of the vital reasons for bad and stagnant energy. Brings stress and tension to family members.

A stressed home is always full of disorder. A messy and unorganized house gives you a negative atmosphere. It is necessary to realize that unnecessary things that are held in the home or office must be washed away. According to the Vastu shastra for office, a clean office room motivates every employee.

Not to see, what are the signs of stagnant energy?

  • Negative thoughts
  • Not motivated or unfocused
  • Stay firm in your career
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Symptoms of ascension
  • You feel troubled in your place
  • Your libido is weak or insatiable
  • Easily triggered by other emotions or reactions
  • A tendency to repeat the same mistakes
  • Weakened immunity
  • Irritability or irregular emotions
  • Lack of energy or constant hunger
  • Inability to make a decision
  • Pain or aches, especially in the back and shoulders

Are you excited to improve your Vastu home or office? Make sure to consult a Lal kitab expert in Delhi. An experienced specialist can provide you with the best Vastu knowledge that motivates you with positive energies.


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